Thursday, 17 March 2011



Black and white
This is the first section of my Zine. I cant scan the whole thing as it is too long to fit in the scanner. Basically what Ive done is ive ripped round my London photographs and joined them together thats why its soo long. It fits across my bedroom wall and I had to roll it up to fit it in my bag! Well what Ive done is Ive created a story. Its about a young girl (with no name, well she doesnt really need a name) Its quite a sad story, a little haunting too. thats why the photos are black and white. Basically the girl is invisible, therefore no one can see or hear her, she is very alone, so to try and have fun she explores places, in my zine she is exploring London. As she is invisible she can do what she wants, and no one will see her, I like that aspect, because sometimes there are times I wish I was invisble.

The sad aspect of this story is however that she is always invisible and she doesnt understand why, she can never comunicate to anybody.
 I chose to use a white paint wash on top of the photos, for the places she is in the photos and then drew parts of her in with black biro not shading her in but just drawing out line, to create her translucent look.

I wasnt very precious with placing the paint as I wanted it to be quite expressive and rough. There were points were I flicked, splashed and blew paint. That part was quite fun :)  also enjoyed tearing up the photos :) I chose to tear and not cut out the photos to help keep it looking rough and expressive,so that it expresses the girl's inner frustration and anger with her situation.

The font is also hand drawn with emphasis made on certain words.

I did some intial sketches of the character, to get her looking how I wanted her to look:

First sketches

Second sketches

I wanted her to be a black girl with a big afro, sorta like mine. To have a little of myself in the work :). I bet ur wondering why she is invisible. Maybe your not, or maybe youve already figured it out. lets just say Ill explain it to you in my next post. Where the whole zine hopefully will be.

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