Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Font Photographs

After doing more research and thinking. I came up with an idea for my object. I wanted to focus on fruits, plants all things natural. As I feel its very important to protect nature and to look after it. rather than destroying it with pollution and CO2 emmisions. I feel that this is quite an issue at the moment in the world and people need to think more about the environemt. With the fruits I also wanted to promote healthy eating. To others and myself as well. I took some photographs of fruits amd some veg.

As you can see I took a load of photos It was quite fun actually Trying out the different compositions with the different fruit and leaves! Fruit is so beautiful all the different colours. For my font I want it to be hand drawn inspired by these artists below. Decorating the boring plain fonts with beautiful fruits and plants turning each character into an illustration, like these artists have with other objects and plants below.

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