Thursday, 31 March 2011

Catell Ronca

I have just come across this illustrator Catell Ronca I really like what she has done in her work. I have found it quite inspiring for my Self initiated brief. I love how she does Illustrations of people from the different cultures in London. She Represents London as a multicultral society she embraces this into her work using bold colours and patterns from each of the cultures. Here are some examples of her work.

I love how shes even represented the different types of birds here even a pidgeon

I really love these multicultural stamps

Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Self Defined project initial thoughts.

Well yes I have been thinking for a long time that one day I would like to do a project on cultres! How the world is soo diverse!
How London is very multicutured but is not represented very well in the media. Like in adverts and stuff like that. I wanted to celebrate cultres in my project. To show that there is beauty in every cultre and that everyone is beautiful no matter what the colour of your skin is or your hair or how straight ur nose is! Im sick of people complaining! and finding faults with themselves!

Font making process

This is the font ive used for a template its called Zalea I chose it because first of all its nic and bold so i can fit my drawings in each character and number and I like thestyle of it. I really think it will suit my drawings! I'll see.

Bellow is the process of how Ive created my illustrated font First I traced the outline of the letters. Then drew the fruits inside sometimes drawing them so they come outside the letter a little. Then when Im happy I shade them in.
Well these are the first few letters as you can see some of them are not quite finished but I scanned it anyway to show how I drew them. The ones at the bottom havent been shaded in yet its just the outlines but they will resemble the ones at the top when finshed. the rest of the Alphabet is below try and spot the fruits in the letters. They are not all fruits though some are leaves and stuff.

These ones are finished. I quite like how theyve turned out. I didnt want to make my letters the obvious way by making the orange 'O' and stuff like that its not creative enough for me and is too easy a thing to do. These did take quite a while to draw, which eventially started to get on my nerves so I stopped hence the unfinished letters above. plus my hands did start to hurt as they are quite small drawings, and as I used hard pencils F and 2H (I dont want my drawings to smudge easilly by using soft pencils) I had to press quite hard to get the darker tones. I had to stop. I will finish these though soon. and make them into sentances saying stuff like "Eat me" or "eat healthy" or "quit eating junk!" or whatever.
 Also I have to do those numbers too! Well when its all done ill post them up.

Font Photographs

After doing more research and thinking. I came up with an idea for my object. I wanted to focus on fruits, plants all things natural. As I feel its very important to protect nature and to look after it. rather than destroying it with pollution and CO2 emmisions. I feel that this is quite an issue at the moment in the world and people need to think more about the environemt. With the fruits I also wanted to promote healthy eating. To others and myself as well. I took some photographs of fruits amd some veg.

As you can see I took a load of photos It was quite fun actually Trying out the different compositions with the different fruit and leaves! Fruit is so beautiful all the different colours. For my font I want it to be hand drawn inspired by these artists below. Decorating the boring plain fonts with beautiful fruits and plants turning each character into an illustration, like these artists have with other objects and plants below.

Initial Fonts idea

Originally I was planning to create my Fonts from colouring pencils. As it relates to me as a person as I love to use coulouring pencil to create my work. So I took a few photographs of some experiments.

But then i changed my mind after doing research as its already been done and I felt that the images dont look very creative or interesting. I decided that Id like to habd draw my fonts instead of making and them from a object then photographing them. This is not how I like to work as I prefer drawing much more. I wanted to make this project as enjoyable as I could as I normally hate working with type or font. and I wanted to make it look interesting as well as promoting a message as well.


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