Monday, 9 May 2011

Self initiated piece and sketches

Final banner

At the top is the final banner and below are some sketches i did of different cultures. I did plan to create a book with a narrative written by myself but changed my mind as I wanted to try something new. Instead I created a banner made up of all my cultural drawings. I made it as bright colourful and expressive as I could. I would like it to be displayed where anyone can see it. And It could even be used in the 2012 Olympics which is the perfect time were all nations come together in London.

Saturday, 7 May 2011

Artist Inspiration

I have really struggled with this project I have no idea why. I think it was because I had a lack of inspiration, I have found it really hard to get into it and I have found that I really havent enjoyed it, even though i really tryed to I havent. So I had a look at these artists for some inspiration.

Siri Weber Feeney

I loved this illustrator's work because I loved how she always combines many cultures in her illustrations. I really like the style of her illustrations they have a very warm feel about them.

Anne Sibley O'Brien

I recognised this work straight away. I used to read the Jamaica books when I was young, looking back at these beautiful illustrations really brought the memories back.

Cecilia Carlstedt

I looked at Cecilia's work because I just love her illustration tecnique, I came across her work from a book in the library called "Fashion Wonderland" I would have kept hold of that book for longer if I could. I love how her illustrations are very free and have an unfinished look to them, I tryed to adopt this into my illustrations as, I always work very detailed but this technique would help me loosen up and get my illustrations done quickly.

Tom Bagshaw

Although I didnt plan to create my whole piece digitally I just ha dot look at this guy's work I just love the mix of realistic and unrealitic combined. the detail he captures in the face hair and arm is beautiful and then I love how he paints the reast in an unrealistic style but yet it works well. I also found his work in the book "Fashion Wonderland" That book is full of inspiration.

Friday, 6 May 2011

Final Fonts

My Final type face. It took a long time to individually draw all the details on the letters and numbers but its finally done. Im quite happy with it. In my type face I have drawn leaves fruits and flowers to promote a healthy eco friendly life.


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