Saturday, 7 May 2011

Artist Inspiration

I have really struggled with this project I have no idea why. I think it was because I had a lack of inspiration, I have found it really hard to get into it and I have found that I really havent enjoyed it, even though i really tryed to I havent. So I had a look at these artists for some inspiration.

Siri Weber Feeney

I loved this illustrator's work because I loved how she always combines many cultures in her illustrations. I really like the style of her illustrations they have a very warm feel about them.

Anne Sibley O'Brien

I recognised this work straight away. I used to read the Jamaica books when I was young, looking back at these beautiful illustrations really brought the memories back.

Cecilia Carlstedt

I looked at Cecilia's work because I just love her illustration tecnique, I came across her work from a book in the library called "Fashion Wonderland" I would have kept hold of that book for longer if I could. I love how her illustrations are very free and have an unfinished look to them, I tryed to adopt this into my illustrations as, I always work very detailed but this technique would help me loosen up and get my illustrations done quickly.

Tom Bagshaw

Although I didnt plan to create my whole piece digitally I just ha dot look at this guy's work I just love the mix of realistic and unrealitic combined. the detail he captures in the face hair and arm is beautiful and then I love how he paints the reast in an unrealistic style but yet it works well. I also found his work in the book "Fashion Wonderland" That book is full of inspiration.

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