Friday, 26 November 2010

Lotte Reiniger

Here are some real beautiful animations by Lotte Reiniger, using paper cutout

Perfect Paper

This is another fantastic book Ive been looking at Its similar to Paper craft. Two artists from this book have inspired my animation.

Andrea Dezso

She creates these beautiful installations from paper creating another new world that we can step into. I love the way she uses the lighting effectively to set the scene creating mood and atmosphere through the shadows and colours.

Sounds Of Silence

This collaboration of artists have created this wonderful installation piece using layers of cutouts to create the scene of a landscape setting. For my Animation piece I plan to create something similar using layers of paper cutouts to create a 3D set of a imaginary world for the camera to move through, taking the viewer on a journey.


This book has been a big inspiration for my animation piece. As I am making my entire animation from paper this book has helped me soo much! Check out this website. Papercraft This website gives u a preview of the pages in this book. the stuff in here is sooo inspirational!

Tuesday, 23 November 2010

Front and back cover

As you can all clearly see this is the front and back of the book. I will be making the book today and will be taking photos which I will upload!

Monday, 22 November 2010

Book pages

Okey Doeky. This is were Im currently at. These are all the pages for the book as they are. Some of them still need work were the text is concerned but Im satisfied with the look of it so far It has been very frustrating and irritating doing the text as it is not my speciality. The logos at the bottom is the campaign Im doing this book for as I feel very strongly about its message. right now Im gonna do a test print to sort the size out to see if i can clearly see the text, I want this book to be small. but not so small that u cant read the text. Still quite a bit to do really. *sigh*

Friday, 19 November 2010

First 4 pages work in progress

These are the first 4 pages 4 my book as they are so far They need a bit more work and Ive got about 7 more to edit but I want them all to match the first 2 at the top. and as Ive got until thursday now Ill definatly get it done!

Monday, 15 November 2010

Work In progress

These are 4 of the pages I am currently working on for my book as u can see the are only the outline sketches I plan to do several more for the book and of course add colour and textured background I cant wait to finish the first page!

Tuesday, 9 November 2010

Tumblr Blog

This is my Animation blog where I will be sharing my animation reasearch and tests. Feel free to check it out.

Monday, 8 November 2010

My Character



I lay on the floor, pain scorching my being.
My silent screams from within, the stitches hold my lips to never part, to scream LET ME GO!
My woe so deep that tears cease to flow from my ever-dry eyes.
My fragile body pulled this way and that, broken, torn.

I am trapped within the cage of myself, stifled and suffocating, I cannot breathe.
Those grabbing, scratching hands viciously tearing me apart, reaching to destroy my soul.

My mind paralysed.
I want this to end, to stop, but I cannot scream. My limbs too shattered and weak to fight back.

Does nobody care?

In the darkest moment of my deepest despair, there was a glimmer or hope in the form of a dove. I felt my eyes light up and forgot the pain, as I watched a leaf of paper flutter to the ground as a light feather. A message,

I care.

Strength gushed though me like a breath of fresh air, I felt so light I could fly.
I could feel the warm blood pulsing though my veins like never before. My muscles gathering strength to rip those stitches from my lips.

The scream that was buried deep inside ripped out through my throat scorching it with power, my lungs burning with the force of the flames that ignited the air all around me.

My tormentors were gone. The weight was gone. I was free.
Free from the pain.
Free to smile again.

Story I wrote "Stitches"

Victoria Frances

I just love this a Illustrator's particular style of Illustration I find her very inspiring and I love the fact that she creates these beautiful illustrations using traditional media.

Arlene's Heart by Victoria Frances

Illustrations from the book Arlene's heart. This is quite similar to what Im doing as I am creating a doll like character as Victoria has done here I looked at this for inspiration to help me in creating my Illustrations.


I like her very doll like illustrations.

Nicoletta Ceccoli

Lovely Doll like illustrations by Nicoletta Ceccoli I love the fairytale feel of the images.

Lori Earley

Some wonderful paintings By Lori Earley I love the way she distorts her subjects.


These are some Sketches I did of Children.

Doll Photos

These r some photos of my sister's Doll that I have manipulated on photoshop I may be using some of the images as reference.


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