Monday, 8 November 2010



I lay on the floor, pain scorching my being.
My silent screams from within, the stitches hold my lips to never part, to scream LET ME GO!
My woe so deep that tears cease to flow from my ever-dry eyes.
My fragile body pulled this way and that, broken, torn.

I am trapped within the cage of myself, stifled and suffocating, I cannot breathe.
Those grabbing, scratching hands viciously tearing me apart, reaching to destroy my soul.

My mind paralysed.
I want this to end, to stop, but I cannot scream. My limbs too shattered and weak to fight back.

Does nobody care?

In the darkest moment of my deepest despair, there was a glimmer or hope in the form of a dove. I felt my eyes light up and forgot the pain, as I watched a leaf of paper flutter to the ground as a light feather. A message,

I care.

Strength gushed though me like a breath of fresh air, I felt so light I could fly.
I could feel the warm blood pulsing though my veins like never before. My muscles gathering strength to rip those stitches from my lips.

The scream that was buried deep inside ripped out through my throat scorching it with power, my lungs burning with the force of the flames that ignited the air all around me.

My tormentors were gone. The weight was gone. I was free.
Free from the pain.
Free to smile again.

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