Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Fonts Inspiration

Asi still have no idea of what to do for my fonts I looked at a load of handmade fonts other people have done. They are very creative and some are quite beautiful. I especially love the ones that have illustrated the letters turing them into pictures, I think my favorites from these are the fonts by Sasha Prood, Karina Eibatova and Ania Szerszen as I just love how they turn the charaters into illustrations creating pictures with words. I may do something similar to this as I really like this type of font design.

I got most of the fonts from this website Handmade Font

Blue ink

Typography designs with pencil by Sasha Prood

Sasha Prood

Drawn font by Sasha Prood


Bread crusts

Sakke Soini


Ania Szerszen

Ania Szerszen

Ania Szerszen

Karina Eibatova

Karina Eibatova







Illustrated font

High Heel by Zummi

Ink Destroy

Ink Splash


Notes Yellow

Paper pattern

Paper Clip



Sevigny by Geisler Harald


Simple pattern

Soap bubbles


Light Neon

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