Monday, 21 March 2011

Zine Final


Here is my zine. I had to take a picture of it on my wall because its too long to fit in the scanner. I will be uploading a better quality version later on when Ive stitched the other photos together. In my last post I did promise to explain the girl in the story is invisible, you may have already figured it out but Im going to tell you anyway. The fact is that the girl is actually a ghost, a spirt of a young girl, but she doesnt realise that she is dead. She has been dead so long he has forgotten her past life. She has never remembered ever talking to someone or ever being seen by anyone. and that is what is so about this story. I dont know why I chose to make it so sad.

But the idea is influenced by the shows and books I have recently been reading. All about those who are living but are dead, that long to lead a nornal human life. That want to belong an walk among life but know that they are not normal, and can never be human again.

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