Thursday, 23 February 2012

Story, Ideas, Inspiration..

 I dont want to give too much away about the story at this point but Ill tell you who my main characters are.

Catherine - Main Protagonist
This story will be based around Catherines experiences although I plan to write in 3rd person most of the time we will be with Catherine. For the prologue I plan to write in 1st person as Catherine.

Princess Katherine - Second Protagonist
She is the second most important character but is vital to the main storyline.

Prince Edward
He is Princess Katherine's younger brother.

She is the Princesses maid. Her character is also of great importance to the main storyline.

He is the Castle's main horseman and Florence's brother also I vital character to the main storyline

Im not saying anything about this one you'll have to find out in the story be he's a really important character.

King John and Queen Henrietta
Princess Katherine's parents.

More characters to be added. stay tuned.

Ive been looking at various Images to inspire me and to use for reference. As my story is set in a sort of Victorian era Ive been looking at alot of Victorian style gothic clothes for my characters this is some of the stuff Ive found!

Female clothing

Idea for corset design

This is Florence's maid dress

Inspiration for Katherine's dress

Idea for corset design

Inspiration for Katherine's dress

Inspiration for Katherine's dress

Female accessories

I really love these I want some for myself.

Inspriration for Catherine's choker

Inspiration for Princess Katherine's choker

Inspiration for Princess Katherine's ring

Ive also been looking at Victorian style hair styles

Inspiration for Priness Katherine's hair

May use to create Catherine's hair

may use elements for Catherine's hair

Male clothing

love the ruffled colar


In my next post Ill be sharing my locations for my story.

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