Sunday, 26 February 2012

Sneeky peeks

Here are a few sneeky peeks of some of the work Ive been doing painting in Photoshop CS4 and SAI

My first attempt at digital painting in Ps CS4

Second attempt tried full body

Draw by hand scanned in and painted on top in Ps

Drawn scanned in and painted on top in Ps

Painted in SAI

Ive been trying out different techniques of painting the first two paintings were created fully in Photoshop CS4 Which was very time consuming blending was particularily difficult as there is no tool specifically made for blending so I had to change the opacity of the brush and keep overlapping with colour to get that blended look I had to learn to master this technique on my own from scratch although quite time consuming they were quite fun to paint. The third and fourth paintings were sketched on paper in pencil then scanned in and painted on top in photoshop using muliply and the same technique I used to blend  like th effect I achieved with these as you can see the texture of the pencil. The fifth, bottom painting was created in SAI I found this program to be better than photoshop as it has a blending tool it was very fun to use. When the paintings are finshed I will post them along with the process so you can see how I work.

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