Sunday, 26 February 2012

Location, location, location

Ive been looking at various different castles in the world to inspire my Castle design my top castle is the beautiful Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany, while researching I also found that its the same castle that inspried Walt Disney's design for his Sleeping Beauty castle in DisneyLand California and the Cinderella Castle in Florida! Looks like Walt Disney and Myself have something in common there. See the similarities for yourself.

Sleeping Beauty castle California

Neuschwanstein castle Germany

 The Neuschwanstein castle is an example of a real fairytale castle. another castle that caught my eye is another Castle in Germany called Burg Hohenzollern castle. Another lovely castle.

I have also been looking a little at Castle interiors. To give me I idea of how the different castle settings should look.

Idea for Princess Katherine's side table

Idea for the Throne room were the king and Queen will sit

Idea for Princess Katherine's bedroom

Idea for Princess Katherine's dressing table

Idea for the royal dining room

Another inspiration for Princess Katherine's room

Inspiration for Princess Katherine's room

Dining room idea

Royal staircase
I have also been looking at Images to inspire my ideas of what the forest should look like.

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