Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Its been a while

Ive gotten real lazy these days to update my blog I dont know why but Ive forced myself to write this post because I have to organize myself!


For my major project I want to create a book, with the story written and Illustrated by myself and the Illustrations done traditionally combined with digital as I have always wanted to create images mixing the two different mediums together, both mediums combined will create an interesting effect with my illustrations. My plan is to create an Illustrated gothic style fantasy novel for an audience that are older Children and teenagers possibly even young adults as I feel that the theme of my story will be suited to that audience.
Prior to this project I have been inspired by artists and Illustrators Victoria Frances and Selina Fenech. Who both write and illustrate their own books Victoria Frances’ short stories “Favole” and Selina Fenech’s latest novel “Memory’s wake”. I have been greatly inspired by their very detailed Illustrations which are very lifelike as well as having an Illustrative element to them; their drawings are full of emotion and have a Gothic dark edge to them.

Here's a few examples of Victoria Frances' work you can visit her website here

Below is some of the artwork from her most recent book Integral Favole

Im a big fan of her artwork and her artwork is an inspiration for this project.

Here is some of Selina Fenech's artwork for her lastest book Memory's wake you can visit her website here

Book cover

Illustration from book

I have chosen to write and illustrate a fantasy novel is because it is what really interests me with this genre I can be as creative as I want to be and make things up. There are no reality barriers because its fantasy, it’s full of magic and things that are not possible in our world can be in a fantasy world. I just want the readers of my book to be really pulled into the story to be part of it as well as enjoying the illustrations at the same time. That is what I love about reading fantasy novels forgetting the real world and life’s problems and being whisked away from reality into a whole other world.


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