Monday, 7 February 2011

Romano Molenaar & Nei Ruffino

I have been having a look at some of these works by Graphic artist Romano Molenaar. He is a Dutch Graphic artist That creates art for comics such as Witchblade, Darkness and Xmen. He is the artist currently working with Within Temptation on the art for their new concept album that is due for release next month. For my project I plan to create a short graphic novel preview story to promote the album release, hopefully done with a CD with printouts and wallpapers.

I have just been looking at some of his art for inspiration as I am suffering from a mental block just now. you may find this a little strange but I am not really a comic book fan, I used to love the style of drawing but now I quite hate it. I dislike the samey streotypical style of drawing that everyone uses, there's no sensce of individuality/personality or style (From what Ive seen of graphic novels/comics anyway). The main problem I have with graphic novels/comics is how highly sexualised the women are with the massive boobs with revaling outfits that are very suggestive, I am quite sick of seeing this as I find it treats the women as objects, which I hate seeing and that is what I wil NOT be doing in my novel.

The previous rant above  brings up the question: why am I creating a graphic novel if I dont like them? (Well not keen, hate is a strong word) well as im sick of seeing the same style of drawing for graphic novels/comics over and over again I plan to do my own short graphic novel with a twist. My own way of drawing and layout, I dont want it to look like a copy of what Romano is doing BUT my own take on what the band is doing with this album. I really hope this goes to plan and I also really hope this does the band justice as I hope to share my work with them. Talk about presure! I dont quite know were to start with this so thats why I have been looking at this work.

When researching Romano's work I found that he doesnt always colour his work himself. He sometimes does the line work and Nei Ruffino a professional colourer does the colouring, I found this quite interesting. Although I really like his line drawings in a way I prefer them to the coloured ones, As I really like the detail in his lines drawings and the raw unfinished qualities of some of them. Here are some examples of his work. In the mix are some befores and afters. (I found it uite hard selecting these as some of his work contains partial nudity but anyways these are the ones I dont mind too much.)

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