Tuesday, 8 February 2011

Musical Characters

To help inspire my ideas for turning the WT Band members into characters. i have been finding this a little difficult as I am used to producing detailed drawings I have often gotten carried away drawing the band members and therefore I often find that it becomes too detailed. I have to find a way of drawing the band members and characters in a more simple way so that I am able to easilly draw them several times in the sequence keeping then looking the same. In order to aid me in this I have been looking at other music artists that have already done this.

Some years ago I saw this music video by Linkin Park for the song "Breaking the habit" Linkin Park is another band I like and I particularily love this song. The entire video is animated in a Anime style. I was interested to see how the Band members were turned into characters for this video.

Here some images:

Screenshots from the video

Drawing of the band members for the music video

Below are some other examples of music artists that have been turned into characters.

Sum 41

The Black eyed peas

The Black Eyed Peas' characters have been designed in a vey minimalist way, using blocks of flat colour and designed in a way to make it look pixelated, I found this very interesting to look at. When I find some other examples of other music artists that have done this I will add it here.

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