Tuesday, 25 January 2011

Within Temptation Album cover art past and present

Enter (1997)
The Dance EP (1998)
Mother Earth (2000)
The Silent Force (2004)
The Heart of Everything (2007)
The Black Symphony Live DVD (2008)
The Unforgiving (2011)

 Looking at these really takes me back to their earlier style of music which was a lot more darker and more Gothic than it is now. Now with their upcoming album they have played around with a more comercialised style of music, which have upset some fans that are used to their previous style. While most fans have embraced their new style and are supporting the fact that they are moving forward and trying something new and in a different direction. For this project I would like to try and create something that will help protomote this new album and also the bands new look and image. I have noticed while looking at the lastest cover that it features none of the band members like the previous covers feature Sharon (apart from the Silent Force) This got me thinking on the lines of creating a character for each band member and tell their story the process of making this album. With previews of two of the songs "Faster", "Where is the edge" or "In the Middle of the Night".

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