Friday, 10 December 2010

Beautiful Papercuts

I have come accross loads of beautiful work the other day while looking through the Paper Craft book there are some really creative and talented artists in there that have created some beautiful art and illustrations crafted from paper. These have really inspired me in my animation work and I plan to use some of the techniques. (Click on the artists name to go to their website)

                                       Container Plus

I just love the way they have cut out the text here from actual books and how the have the leaves and branches growing out of them, This may be an idea to try out for my animation. beautiful.


 This woman's work is just so remarkle! The amount of beauty and detail shes achieved. Amazing! I dont know if I have the patience the skill or the hands to even try to attempt this! They are just so beautiful to look at.

                                             Jen Stark


I just love these beautiful paper flowers she has created the colours all the layers shes created beautiful! I dunno If Ill have the time to try this technique out but I may try to do a simpler version for my paper flowers in my Animation. 

I like the way he uses the paper to create interesting ways of using type As I plan to use some Type in my animation this is a good way of inspiring my ideas of how to use the type.

Seeing this made me think of other ways I can use paper in my animation. I could have the paper lying flat and then having an image popping up, I would animate the image slowly poping up until its standing upright very much like how this bird cage and chair are standing.

 Looking at this I loved how the table is full of animals made out of table I think it really brings the table to life. This could be another technique that I use with my papercut animation as an alternative to Origami.

 I fell in love with these as soon as I saw them they are just so lovely. I think its a great way of combining text and image togeter to create a wonderfull illustration, Again I dont know if ill have the time or skill to even try something this complicated but ill still give it a go.

I just love this guy's work hes one of my favorites, I just love his creativity with the paper. I dunno what else to say really, Just lovely!



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